Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Tale of Two Lasagne : Vegetarian and Vegan Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna

Vegan: Tofu-Cauliflower/Spinach filling with Daiya 'cheese'

I had to make two different lasagnas (I know said lasagne earlier, but I really hate it) in the past few weeks for different reasons.  Here are the results!
The first was the vegan cauliflower 'ricotta' and spinach lasagna recipe adapted from Appetite for Reduction.

I added some Daiya cheese to the recipe and also changed the sauce to a Puttanesca sauce with olives and capers that I made ahead of time.  I was pretty happy with the results, even though I find Daiya a little terrifying

Vegetarian: Spinach, Ricotta and Mozzarella
The second lasagna was a more traditional spinach and ricotta lasagna.  Although I added a little nutritional yeast in lieu of parmesan.  The recipe was similar to this one, except without cauliflower, eggs, parm or onion.  This one was a hit.  I even bought a new pack of very expensive lactose pills so that I could also enjoy it at the mostly carnivorous superhero birthday party I brought it to. (I dressed as some sort of spring queen f.y.i.)

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RZY said...

oh my gosh those look deeeeelish! mmm, spinach and ricotta? sounds yummy.

as for your superhero/alter ego, i think i've come up with a name for her in case you want to re-use it: