Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trini Doubles!

Nom nom nom...Doubles are some of my favourite snack foods from Kensington market. I usually get one at Patty King--it's under 2 bucks, filling, and delicious. I got the fever to try to make them after watching an episode of Bronx Flavour in which they were featured, along with Roti. I found a good looking recipe on Trini Gourmet, and although I was nervous about frying anything (I generally stay away from it) I dove in. The result: pretty delicious. Very different from what I'm used to, but a worthy treat for the odd fry-day.

The recipe begins with a pizza-like yeast dough, (I made this one half whole wheat), different only in the addition of some curry powder and cumin to the dry ingredients. The dough rises for about 1.5 hours and then is punched down, until it appears deflated. Poor dough! :(

The dough is divided into six pieces and patted out with oiled hands into palm-sized ovals. Meanwhile, a basic chickpea curry simmers on the stove.

The dough is fried for 15 seconds on each side (until it puffs up) and then dried on paper towel. The curry is spooned onto the bread (bara) and then closed like a sandwich.

For next time: I had to eat these in waxed paper because
the chickpeas kept trying to escape. So next time, I will probably make one bigger piece of dough for each double (guess that would make it a single??) and fold it over to contain the filling. Trini Taco, anyone?