Monday, April 27, 2009


No, definitely not those sandwiches. Barf.
These sandwich cookies are inspired by the cookie of my dreams, which I had the other night. It was a raspberry jam-filled star-circle shaped sugar cookie sandwich with white icing and a dot of red in the middle. It looked like a french flower, and tasted like heaven. I had it at Orange Alert (you can see the cookie in the review). I veganized them so I could share at work. I don't have the recipe on hand, but it was a basic vegan sugar cookie (flour, margerine, vanilla, salt) and this 'royal' icing recipe
For next time: I couldn't roll the dough and cut it out. It was too crumbly, no matter how much extra liquid I added. So I had so smush them into little patties. Memories of making meatballs with mom :)
Verdict: homey, but delicious. I filled them with seedless strawberry jam and drizzled green and blue frosting on them. Clocking in at over 100 calories per cookie, this is not a treat you eat often. I only ate two of them. But I could have eaten all 11.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Call me White Heaven

This was one of those accidental dishes that was so so right.
Inspired by a cooking demonstration at the PAT mart on Bloor, which seemed to use nothing more than enoki mushrooms and tofu, I made food from the nothing in my fridge.
Sauteed cauliflower and onions with chili flakes, then added a handful of enoki and oyster mushrooms and medium tofu. Towards the end, I added a mixture of soy sauce, mirin, sugar and water. Served it on top of quinoa.
Holy soju. Was it ever good.